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Forming a company in New Zealand is straightforward and reflects the modern corporate code which New Zealand adopted in 1993. The salient features of the company law which will be of interest to clients include:

A company must have at least one Director and one shareholder. Directors have to be natural persons. At least one of the Directors has to be resident in New Zealand. There is no capital requirement. Shareholders may be corporate bodies or natural persons and may be either resident or non-resident. The company needs to have a business or management service office in NZ.

NZ Limited Partnership
Full tax-exempt entity for
International Business

Limited partnerships are fiscally transparent for New Zealand tax purposes. This means that the limited partnership itself is not taxed. Instead, the income and expenditure of the limited partnership flow through to each partner, in proportion to that partner’s partnership share in the limited partnership.

Where the partners of NZLP are tax resident outside New Zealand, and the NZLP derives non-NZ sourced income, then the Partners will not be liable to New Zealand income tax on their portion of foreign sourced partnership income.

Foreign Trust (FT)

New Zealand has grown as an international trust jurisdiction over recent years for a variety of reasons including its tax neutrality as regards “foreign” trusts and its economic and political stability.

Discretionary New Zealand foreign trusts offer a number of advantages, including protection from creditors and against laws prescribing the succession of family assets.

A New Zealand Trust settled by a non-resident is not subject to New Zealand tax except on income derived in New Zealand. This is the case even if the trustee is a tax resident of New Zealand.

New Zealand Shelf Company
For those wishing to Start Doing Business
Almost Immediately

There are many advantages of choosing a shelf company. The older your company is, the more trustworthy it appears. Your clients are likely to have more confidence in businesses that have a longer history; therefore, the older the company is, the easier it should be for you to increase your client base.

The company is already registered at Companies Office and, changing officers and ownership is the only requirement, and a quite fast straight process.

Recent and Aged Companies Available!

Financial Services Providers

New Zealand
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