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NZ Limited Partnership
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While venturing out in the market and starting your own company or forming a limited partnership, make sure you take all the right steps and get set up lp New Zealand! Opt for new company and limited partnership set up in New Zealand with expert help from only. Setting up a partnership for your business is convenient now!

New Zealand offers a number of attractive company formation products that offer clients a wide range of international investment opportunities.

The New Zealand Limited Partnership (LP) is a relatively new, yet comprehensive, company formation vehicle that has been one of New Zealand’s most popular formation products.

It emerged with the passing of the Limited Partnerships Act 2008 as a means to diversify and increase international investment opportunities.

What is an NZ Limited Partnership? is one of the most trusted source for getting complete incorporation solutions for business companies and trusts.  Establishing trust in New Zealand becomes easier and convenient with the help of our expert teams. If you thinking about setting up partnership New Zealand then we are definitely the right partners for you.

One of the main advantages of a New Zealand Limited Partnership is that investors benefit from being taxed as a partnership (a limited partner’s income generated outside of NZ though the LP is tax-free) while still providing the protection of limited liability and maintaining a separate legal entity from the owner of the LP.

New Zealand’s primary objective in establishing the limited partnership was to make it more attractive to potential foreign investors and venture capitalists.

The government hand-picked some of the best features of other offshore and LP regimes and integrated them into their own system, such as the ability of establishing a company with a minimum of regulatory provisions, no limits concerning the duration of the Limited Partnership and no capital requirements.

The New Zealand LP has been well-received by the wider international financial community, as New Zealand is not traditionally seen as an offshore financial centre, nor is it labelled as a ‘tax haven’.

So while the jurisdiction retains many of the advantages that come in a well-established offshore jurisdiction, it does so without any of the negative associations.

Many private banks, trust companies and other offshore corporations are increasingly facing obstacles from critical foreign governments, revue authorities and financial regulatory organizations (such as G20, OECD and FATF) that “blacklist” certain offshore financial centres.

The promise of retaining the competitive offshore advantage, in a jurisdiction that has a traditional tax-based structure, remains high.

New Zealand also offers a very attractive Non-Bank NZ Financial Company as well as an Asset Protection Trust, that has gained moment the last years and has been quite successful in attracting attention.

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