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Register Partnership in New Zealand
New Zealand LP
Tax Advantages
Most Relevant Uses

NZ Limited Partnership
NZ LP Tax Advantages and Uses
NZ LP Key Corporate Features

Advantages of a New Zealand LP

Incorporate a company or set up partnership New Zealand by following the due process and in the time period. Get the professional assistance to incorporate company at to get the work done.

New Zealand provides all the advantages of traditional offshore financial centre but is primarily recognized as a mainstream onshore financial centre. Those who register a partnership in New Zealand will get following additional benefits:

  • The OECD does not perceive NZ as being an unlawful tax jurisdiction, is not normally associated with a tax haven, and has never been blacklisted by any authority
  • A New Zealand Limited Partnership (NZ LP) has hand-picked and integrated some of the best features taken from other similar jurisdictions
  • No duration of the partnership limits
  • There are no limits to the number of partners required for those who register a Limited Partnership in New Zealand (NZ LP)
  • There are no investment requirement limits
  • The country is an active member of a large number of international organizations including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization, and the World Bank
  • New Zealand is a member of the British Commonwealth, and has a common law system with the majority of legislation including trust law having been founded on British law
  • It is not a member of the EU, and is not influenced by the EU Savings Tax Directive and any future developments
  • There are no foreign exchange controls in New Zealand
  • It is possible to obtain residency status in New Zealand through investments; the government generally welcomes foreign investment, and enables easy relocation processes
  • Nominee Services are available
  • The New Zealand Limited Partnership (NZ LP) can be used for almost any legal business activity
  • Separate legal personality
  • Special Tax treatment of limited partners
  • Details of the limited partners and partnership agreement are confidential
  • Limited liability is available for limited partners
  • Offers a tax-free structure in a traditionally high-tax jurisdiction
  • Limited partners who do not reside in NZ are not be subject to tax on their share of income generated by the LP

Setting up partnership in New Zealand
Top Uses of a NZ Limited Partnership

When registering a Limited Partnership in New Zealand, one can use it for almost any purpose and is well-suited for:

  • Investment purposes
  • High-risk projects
  • Large capital investment holding opportunities
  • Flexible arrangement for international investors
  • Venture capital investing
  • Private Equity
  • Underlying asset holding vehicle for a NZ Trust
  • International wealth structuring and collective investment purposes

Tax Advantages of a NZ Limited Partnership

Registering and incorporating a partnership and work out all the stages of the incorporation procedure of your business from our expert team. Get basic incorporation process that gives you loads of advantages to set up partnership New Zealand.

Register and set up the partnership and get top advantages of the setup procedure, registration and incorporation services in New Zealand. Get the assistance you need from

A New Zealand Limited Partnership is a separate legal entity for business purposes but is not treated as such for income tax purposes. Meaning the Limited Partnership cannot be assessed separately for income tax, rather the partners are liable to being taxed based on their income received from the LP. Therefore, Limited Partners who are not resident in NZ will not be subject to tax in NZ on their share of the income generated by the NZ LP, provided that the income does not originate in NZ.

Limited partnerships provide clients and investors with the protection afforded by limited liability status, which is combined with the benefits that come with a transparent tax status. Transparency is achieved by attributing income of a partnership to one of the partners in accordance with the partners’ share. If a partner is non-resident of NZ and the income does not originate in NZ, then the partner will not be subject to being taxed. This makes NZ LPs particularly attractive for international clients as it provides a tax-neutral space for investments.

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